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Easy to open the car after life - CUSP intelligent electric tailgate

Easy to open the car after life - CUSP intelligent electric tailgate

In recent years, the rapid development of science and technology, a variety of intelligent products emerge in an endless stream, especially in the field of automotive aftermarket, the former has a smart rearview mirror, there are intelligent cloud navigation, then what? That's right. The electric tail gate! Today, let Xiaobian take you to see what is the charm of the upcoming launch of the electric gate!

Why use the CUSP electric tailgate?

Safe and fast

In the process of driving, I wonder if we have had such a feeling? Every time you open the rear door into something after all to shut to shut, and sometimes not pay attention, not only to be caught something may also cause damage to the rear door, every time not only to be careful to close, but also efforts to control, otherwise not shut, is very annoying, especially for the weak woman is more nightmare.

In this case the emperor Wei Electric tailgate to help you! Diwei electric tailgate has charged suction, with anti pinch function, in the closing time can guarantee not to be caught, can protect the body safe and effective, if there is a naughty child, playing in the door when closed, it will stop automatically closed, prevent crush the child, but also can protect the safety of goods, articles on the door to prevent be negligent to damage the goods between the closed.

Diwei electric tailgate with low decibel noise, "0" in the closing time, to ensure that the door closed at the same time, no noise, not only let the owners feel comfortable, at the same time as the closing force is small, but also to protect the rear door of life.
High force grid

Imagine, when we took a bunch of things to put into the rear door, you just gently press, after the end of the door can be opened slowly to the height when you add items, and then put on a handsome posture to put things in the trunk, press the close button to get away to really handsome, have a new height!
Science and technology to create the future, the product for real, real products to bring us a good experience. Kaspe electric rear door so that the rear end of the box to open the way no longer tired, access fast and comfortable, opened a new era of rear door application mode.

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