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Intentions manufacturing experience, CUSP vertical screen large screen navigation evaluation

Intentions manufacturing experience, CUSP vertical screen large screen navigation evaluation
How many car navigation? But to choose a really reassuring navigation is actually a very difficult thing, each product has its own merits, so often the owners to buy navigation will always hear every kind of marketing, make people "tired", today Xiaobian to deviille vertical screen big screen navigation the evaluation, hope to help the owners.

Small iron shoe, came to Kaspe headquarters, was invited to the general manager Kaspe personally took a small to deviille vertical screen navigation Ford, have to say that this car looks very atmospheric.

Teamway vertical screen appearance side view navigation

Positive view after loading

The main interface in Figure

Appearance atmosphere

From the appearance of God Wei vertical screen and body style appearance all blend into one harmonious whole, black body with seamless, UI main colors dark and bright body important information signs, allowing the driver to quickly find the required information at any time, the overall look of grid full force.

Interactive chat (jokes)
Voice control navigation
Speech interaction
"Hello, cube" is to awaken the word deviille vertical screen navigation, one of the features of voice interactive deviille vertical screen navigation, by voice command can do almost all operations such as navigation, music, movies, interactive chat, just say the word command after wake up, can complete the operation. Such as navigation just say "Hello, cube" say, "I'm going to XXX can navigate to xxx.

Mobile Internet
From the touch screen operation, delicate touch, reflective touch keys very fast, can easily complete the owner issued the command, with two mobile phone connection and Bluetooth phone at the same time, can be connected with the deviille vertical screen navigation through the USB line, and can be connected via wif, but also can connect with Bluetooth, telephone do not take mobile phone calls, can free to use "mobile phone as a result in the driving process".

Pip screen in the screen function
The most impressive is deviille big screen navigation and PIP screen screen function, is to let the original normal operation of the window is reduced, or any place to narrow the play, with any interface with the screen (such as map, navigation and video screen), which allows the driver to drive safely, also can make driving entertainment staff.

After driving operation is very smooth (Demo touch screen function)
Evaluation summary: products, the purpose is to allow consumers to use good products, the purpose is to let consumers have a good user experience, if the blind pursuit of a variety of functions, not to be responsible for the user experience, so that consumers have lost confidence in the product. Teamway DIV vertical screen navigation is to improve in the most basic needs, these functions are really, almost all users can use, such as mobile phone Bluetooth connectivity, simple and quick to make mobile phone calls, PIP screen screen not only allows the driver to drive, can also allow occupants entertainment, these functions can good, visible in the user experience, Emperor Wei is a big step forward.

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