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Spring Festival Artifact Casper series of products recommended

With the development of science and technology, the car has been popular, driving has become the behavior of most people, and the Spring Festival travel will always encounter all the inconvenience, such as navigation is not clear, often traffic jams, parking is not convenient, , People upset is difficult to find a satisfactory car products to help us travel more relaxed and quick, so today we give you recommend Dili Tai Ping vertical navigation and caster electric electric door.

       Is navigation difficult to understand, or unclear? Driving traffic is always a traffic jam? Vintage navigation is to give the wrong data to go a lot of costly mistakes? The following product can help you

Emperor Wei vertical screen intelligent navigation
       Dili Wei vertical navigation navigation navigation is customized high German map car version, to the line 3D visualization, and can be networked, through the network can accurately get traffic data, and can know real-time traffic, planning travel, to avoid congestion. Dili Wyenuo Kerui proud also equipped with voice voice control system, can use voice and navigation to interact, the liberation of your hands issued a command to it, "Hello Rubik's cube" is Reno Kolei proud of the awakening words, if you want to navigate to Shenzhen North Station, as long as Say "Hello Cube" and then say "navigation to Shenzhen North", Emperor Wei Renuo Kerui proud will lead you to the destination.
       Visualized 3D navigation to solve the navigation is not clear, or do not understand the situation, and real-time traffic, let us can effectively avoid congestion and get the right line, this navigation mode is not exactly what we have been pursuing a convenient trip?

       Of course, a smart navigation is to bring together all the wisdom of the Emperor Wei Renuo Kerui proud also has a mobile phone features, Bluetooth hands-free and other functions, to minimize the use of mobile phone time, so that driving more secure journey, in addition, An external 360 degrees, driving recorder, etc., a machine control the world, it can be said that with such a machine, there are a lot of convenience.

        Of course, the appearance is also very important, from the appearance of the fuselage with heavy black tones, 10.4-inch high-definition large screen, delicate and conspicuous UI design, the following matched with some of the necessary operating buttons, the whole look very atmospheric, real But the value of the gospel.


       When closed, always afraid of folder to their own or items? Heavy weight, but also by hand to open the door when the noise is very annoying? Casper electric tailgate can solve this pain point!

Casper electric tailgate
       Casper electric tailgate can achieve the smart switch car tail door, when we need to open the door, as long as gently press the Casper electric tailgate equipped with the remote control door button, the rear door will open, while Control the opening height, more importantly, when closed with anti-folder function, in the way closed, there are any items in the door closed the door, the door will immediately stop off to protect the user's physical safety and to avoid damage to the items, and At the same time close the door low decibel, without any noise.

       Every time the back door should always be careful, force will damage the life of the rear door, and may be caught people or items, very troublesome, while heavy load the car is also very troublesome, Can solve these problems, so that after the trip to the end of the door when more comfortable.

       Overall, the two intelligent car products are given the infinite wisdom, Imperial Wei navigation in the traditional car based on the injection of more creative, Casper electric tailgate in the car door opening way, add More user-friendly details, not only allows users to feel convenient, but also allow users to more secure, for automotive electronics products add a lot of glory.

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