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HYUNDAI MISTRA is expected to be listed at the end of the year


  In the 2013 Shanghai International Automotive Exhibition, Beijing Hyundai made ​​a mid-sized car which named "MISTRA" and developed for the Chinese market world debut.It is positioned between Avante and Sonata 8, and will be in the market at  the end of the year, the price of the  car is about 150,000 to 200,000 yuan.

  The name of "MISTRA" is inspired by  a beautiful city of the Greece southern Laconia region which contains a beautiful, noble and mysterious, it reveals the great masters of the rhyme. The Chinese name '名图'contains good faith and good quality and draw a beautiful blueprint for the consumer and the road to success and bright future for the good meaning. 

  "MISTRA"  with  " rich Configuring , spacious family car" for the development philosophy,  Have many character that same level of the car unprecedented ,2770mm wheelbase, stable and beautiful appearance, rich high-tech and humanized configuration and the exquisite workmanship, it  reflects HYUNDAI's advances in quality and breakthrough. In the Shanhai Automotive show,it attracts a large number of visitors, and  becomes the brightest star in the show.

  This car will be in the market before the end of this year, from the show's popularity, we all believe it will be another masterpiece of  Beijing Hyundai.


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