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Car class DIV Di Wei navigation, open a new journey

In the field of navigation, Casper is an absolute brand of manufacturers, 15 years of deep accumulation, making its brand - DIV Diwei navigation, in the car navigation market is unique. Rich experience in the former loading plant, a complete product line, the rules and other quality, so that DIV Di Wei navigation performance is impressive.

Honda Accord 9 generations
Ultra-complete product line
       At present, DIV Di Wei navigation covers a number of car brands, product categories complete. Among them, 150 balance Andrews large screen machine, covering 21 car brands; 400 balance with traditional security board, for a variety of rare models, such as Mercedes-Benz AB series, Porsche Cayenne, Toyota overbearing, many of which are still exclusive private Can not be met.
       3 years overseas experience in the installation of Andrews, DIV Di Wei navigation is not only excellent quality, in the market to seize the initiative, always walk in front. Whether it is a new car or imported cars, DIV Di Wei navigation always ahead or timely introduction of new navigation, so that consumers have more choices.

Car class quality more at ease
       Car after the installation of electronic products, advertised for the car level of the product there are many, but whether it is "Li Kui" or "Li Gui", consumers are often difficult to distinguish.
       DIV Dili navigation has a car class CPU, dual-core high with four-core high with different versions to meet the needs of customers at all levels. Its 40.5mm ultra-thin chassis, good heat dissipation, small size, light weight, even after loading by the vibration panel is not easy to loose, reduce the shell to withstand the force to ensure stable operation.

       Car level of the product, the temperature is a big threshold. Many commodity inspection advertised their own products after a rigorous high and low temperature test, in the extreme high and low temperature environment is still able to normal use, but in the actual use of the process but frequent overheating, crash crash situation. In the standard experimental environment test conditions, DIV Dili navigation in minus 30 degrees to 80 degrees in the environment is still stable and reliable work.

Safer DIV Diwei navigation
       In the DIV Dili navigation, OBD diagnosis, lane offset, distance reminders and other driving assistance system is standard, plus both before and after the high-definition dual-record, no dead guardian driving safety.
       Remove the ADAS advanced driving assistance, through the phone and DIV Di Wei navigation of the Internet, you can on the phone WeChat check the car, track playback, illegal inquiries. Once the vehicle abnormal movement, WeChat will receive alarm information, vehicle safety, one hand to master.

       Gold texture UI, simple atmosphere, practical function escort safe driving, the ultimate audio and video to guide the cozy life, once coming into your car, DIV Di Wei navigation will take you to open a new journey.

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