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DIV Diwei vertical screen navigation, electric tailgate Liang burst Shenzhen exhibition

2017 The annual auto refurbishment service industry in Shenzhen opened on February 17th. The comprehensive exhibition of the car after the car covers car audio, car navigation, lighting, interior, exterior, security, beauty care, explosion protection Film and other products, dealers across the country, 4S shop related personnel to visit. As a supplier of overseas pre-loading plant, Shenzhen Casper Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to bring 300 variety of DIV Dewei large screen navigation and 50 vertical screen navigation and CUSP electric tailgate dress to attend.
       In recent years, the domestic car aftermarket car electronic products, the most concerned about the car navigation. Product update iteration, integration function is more and more, more and more intelligent human-computer interaction. Of course, the industry is also more intense competition, some companies have been out, as Casper can get in the global range of good results, must have his excellent performance. Let us come to the castle booth.
       Booth on the booth as weaving, similar to Tesla original car style vertical screen navigation was onlookers. The appearance of fine atmosphere, delicate texture, handsome and pressing. Voice operation, mobile Internet, picture of the operation of the test is to let the scene of the business amazing.

DIV Diwei car dedicated large-screen navigation is the most prominent voice control experience, on the train directly say "small V Hello" directly to the destination will be able to automatically start navigation, built-in high offline map, regardless of network status is Normal as easy to control. The voice chat and navigation experience will keep you in love with these driving assistants. Unique sense of science and technology full of UI interface, metal texture of the earth Hao gold touch button, Yan Yan burst instantaneous, highlight the noble quality.

In addition to the navigation experience, CUSP electric tailgate is still different. After thousands of times the application test, its "0" decibel quiet design performance extraordinary. Using the Japanese fifty Lan double pole double motor, anti-folder with electric suction design, re-definition of the rear box to open the way. Whether it is business travel or home life, can easily correspond.
In the homogenization of the product market situation, whether it is consumers or dealers are difficult to choose the embarrassing situation. I believe that Shenzhen Kesi Pu technology in the car show to give you a new product is a choice of a gospel, take you out of confusion, reshaping business opportunities.

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